How to find St Anna,of Novgorod’s chapel Eskilstuna

The orthodox chapel of St Anna of Novgorod in Eskilstuna
stands in the middle of the older part of  he Cemetery of St Eskil –St Eskils kyrkogård,
about 5 km from central Eskilstuna, on the way to Hellbybrunn.

If you go by car on the E 20 from Stockholm, Strängnäs
or from the other direction (Örebro)
you should use the exit for way 230 to KATRINEHOLM,  and PARKEN ZOO.

Drive towards these through 2 small roundabouts /traffic circles (rondeller) ,
always driving straight on towards PARKEN ZOO
until you reach the big, third roundabout, where you turn to the right towards HÄLLBYBRUNN( might be spelled HELLBYBRUNN)
After about 1 kilometer you will se yellow houses with green roofs to the left
and a” Bilisten”  gas station (A white” b” on blue background)
Turn to the left,   to  ”Åsbyvägen”, and follow it.
The cemetery is now on your right side .
You will see the modern cemetery chapels in white and grey first,
then as the way turns,  there is a good parking lot and a bit farther away beneath the trees,
a yellow, more classical  chapel. This is the chapel of St Anne of Novgorod.

You can drive up to the chapel (for unloading people and things) through the portal with two small, white stone buildnings a little further on.
The rest of us park on the parking lot and go up to the chapel.
Welcome to the chapel of St Anne of Novgorod!

A map can be found  HERE

The marker points to the modern cemetery chapels.

f Mikael Liljeström



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